About the event:

Labour and skill shortages put a vibrant recovery at risk in the Durham Region. Businesses and organizations that tap into immigrant talent are deriving a competitive advantage and building their own future workforce resilience.

Immigrants to Canada bring skills and talents with them—many are highly educated and primed to enter the workforce. Studies show that workforce diversification leads to greater innovation and higher profits. Investing in immigrant-inclusive workplaces is helping employers to attract and retain talent as well as reach diverse consumers.

The second in a series of webinars, “Diversifying Your Workforce With Immigrant Talent: Strategies to Onboard and Retain Internationally Trained Professionals” is part of the #ImmigrantsWork in the Durham Region Initiative. In this webinar, speakers will explore two elements of the employment lifecycle: onboarding and integrating new employees. They will discuss key trends and things to be conscious of when working to retain newcomers in the workplace.

#ImmigrantsWork is a community engagement initiative driven by local stakeholders and World Education Services (WES). The initiative seeks to activate local employers and facilitate the co-creation of practical and easy-to-implement solutions to address the barriers businesses face when tapping into immigrant talent.

Learn about:

  • The importance of immigration to Canada’s labour market and economic prosperity
  • Tips, tools, and practices for attracting, hiring, and retaining immigrant professionals in the workplace
  • Local programs and services supporting employers and immigrants in the Durham Region



Pam DeWilde

Co-Executive Director, Welcome Centre Manager
Regional Municipality of Durham


Sarah Hickman

Policy Advisor, Department of Planning and Economic Development
Regional Municipality of Durham


Daniel Cervan-Gil

Senior Manager, Employer Initiatives
World Education Sevices