Design Workshop for Employers in the Waterloo Region

Diverse, immigrant-inclusive workplaces are more innovative, competitive, and resilient. Canadian businesses that invest in immigrant-inclusive workplaces will gain a competitive advantage by attracting talent, expanding to diverse consumers, and ensuring future workforce resilience.

WES has partnered with the Immigration Partnership for the Waterloo Region and several local stakeholders to implement a collaborative initiative that aims to develop strategies for the recruitment and inclusion of immigrant talent in the region. The initiative supports the Waterloo Region 2020-2025 Community Action Plan “Building Community through Immigration.”

Following a design-thinking approach, participants in this interactive workshop will co-create practical, implementable solutions to the needs and priorities of local employers. The workshop is ideal for HR leads, executives, entrepreneurs, and equity, diversity, and inclusion professionals. During the workshop, facilitators will help participants explore best practices for attracting and hiring immigrants and fostering inclusive workplaces that leverage newcomers’ skills, experiences, and talents. The workshop will also facilitate networking and exchange of best practices.



Nora Whittington

Community Engagement Coordinator
Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership


Daniel Cervan-Gil

Senior Manager, Employer Initiatives
World Education Services