About the event:

Whether you have recently arrived in the United States or have been here longer, you do not need to start over to build your career. Your international education and experience are the foundation for your professional success.
In this bilingual webinar, we provide an overview of the process of integration into the U.S. workforce for internationally educated immigrants and refugees, offer steps for effective planning, and share guidance on how you can use available tools and programs to support your career advancement.

In the English portion of the webinar, you will:

  • Learn about Upwardly Global’s free job coaching and skilling program
  • Gain an understanding of how Upwardly Global’s job search services can help you navigate the U.S. job market

In the Spanish portion of the webinar, you will:

  • Learn about credential recognition
  • Discover tools and programs that can support your career advancement
  • Gain an understanding of career pathways and alternative career opportunities



Abel Mucyo

National Outreach Manager, Upwardly Global

Abel Mucyo is the National Outreach Manager at Upwardly Global. He has over 5 years' experience in refugee and immigrant social impact and has previously worked as a job advisor, helping and guiding newly arrived immigrant professionals to transition and get back into their careers. He is also passionate about educational equity and co-founded Regain Education, a community-based initiative that helps immigrant/refugee youth to finish high school and graduate college. He also serves on the advisory council of AtHome Humanitarian, a nonprofit focused on socially integrating & economically empowering newcomers.


Isabel Schroeder

Senior Specialist, Program Development, Planning, and Evaluation, WES Global Talent Bridge

Isabel Schroeder is the Senior Specialist of Program Development, Planning, and Evaluation at WES Global Talent Bridge. In this role, Isabel manages program evaluation and implements immigrant and refugee engagement initiatives. Born and raised in Ecuador, Isabel leverages her background and previous professional experience in human rights, the United Nations system, and serving torture survivors in the U.S. to inform and inspire her work, highlight immigrant and refugee contributions, and uplift their voices.