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To advance in your career, especially in a new country, you must invest in yourself and take advantage of professional development opportunities. In this e-guide, you will learn about the strategies, tips, and resources you need to launch your professional future in North America. Whether you are an immigrant, a recent graduate, or simply looking to climb the career ladder, this e-guide will help you explore the professional development options available in Canada and the U.S.—from pursuing further education and professional training to volunteering and networking.

This e-guide provides:

  • An overview of how to conduct a self-assessment to evaluate your skills and skill gaps
  • Tips for upgrading your skills
  • Benefits of obtaining a credential evaluation for employment purposes
  • Recommendations for finding a mentor
  • Guidance on searching for and joining the professional association that best aligns with your goals

Boost your career development. Discover pathways to personal growth and professional fulfillment. Download this free e-guide now!