About the event:

In this on-demand webinar we provide an overview of the financial aid landscape for international students looking to study in Canada. Learn everything from basic financial aid vocabulary to where to begin your search for funding to how to prepare your financial aid applications.

Expect to come away with a deeper understanding of the funding options available to international students, not only in Canada, but also in your home country.

We also discuss how funding varies by level of education in Canada, and explore some of the unique financial aid options available to graduate and doctoral students, such as assistantships.

Plus, hear from panelist Carolyn Ford as she shares her tips for navigating the financial aid application process. During the webinar she provides her advice on how to research, prepare, and execute a financial aid application plan.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How to create a budget before planning your studies in Canada
  • Different types of financial aid available to international students
  • Timeline to apply for financial aid
  • Documents and materials needed for financial aid applications

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Digital Content Producer, Applicant Marketing, WES


Carolyn Ford

Director International Undergraduate Recruitment, Western University

Kelly Acheson

Digital Content Producer, WES Advisor