About the webinar:

WES has several tools and resources for those who work with internationally educated applicants, whether at higher education institutions, licensing bodies/boards, or elsewhere. Presenters Michael Hearne and Aliyyah Nazeem will show you how to best use these tools to serve both your needs and the needs of those you work with. In the webinar, Michael and Aliyyah will focus on trainings provided by WES, credential evaluation resources, and exciting new developments, such as WES Digital Badges.

Gain insights into:

  • Free WES resources for institutions and licensing bodies/boards
  • Free WES resources for international students and immigrants
  • Free WES resources for credential evaluators


Aliyyah Nazeem


Manager of Academic Services, WES

Aliyyah’s background in student recruitment and admissions is put to good use in her work with WES institutional clients. In her role, Aliyyah liaises with colleges and universities across Canada, stays updated on policy changes, and answers questions about WES evaluations. Aliyyah holds a degree from the University of Guelph and a diploma and post-graduate certificate from Humber College.

Michael Hearne


Regional Director, WES

Michael has worked as a Regional Director at WES since 2015. He was previously a Senior Assistant Dean of Admission at Hofstra University. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s in counseling, both from Hofstra, and an advanced graduate certificate in higher education from Stony Brook University. At WES, Michael works with U.S. institutions, licensing boards, and other organizations by helping them leverage WES resources in support of their work with internationally educated individuals.