World Education Services

Amid increased global competition for student enrollments and decreased international student interest in the U.S., Stateside HEIs are beginning to grasp the importance of international student experiences on their campuses. In the face of such pressures, some institutions are recognizing how current international students can potentially be their greatest asset: If the students have positive experiences, they can be effective brand ambassadors.

To provide insight into international student experiences, WES Research conducted a survey of 1,921 current students and recent graduates and consulted with 24 current students through an online focus group.

The resulting report, based on data collected in 2019, provides an overview of student perceptions regarding:

  • Relationships with fellow students, faculty, and administrative staff
  • Issues of identity and acculturation, including language and religion
  • Daily life on and off campus, including housing, student activities, transportation, food, and more
  • Overall satisfaction with their experience at their institution and in the U.S.

The report also includes recommendations for how institutions can better serve international students.