World Education Services

This report details the final results of a series of surveys on the impact of COVID-19 on U.S. international higher education in fall 2020 and beyond. The report is based on results from surveys conducted in June and August of 1,244 prospective students, divided into two groups: prospective international students, who require a student visa; and internationally educated immigrants interested in enrolling at U.S. colleges and universities, who hold some form of permanent immigrant status.

The report follows the first round of survey results released in July.

It provides insights into how the pandemic has affected the plans of prospective students for fall 2020 and beyond in context. It examines:

  • Interest in U.S. higher education in light of the socio-political environment as well as the pandemic
  • Barriers students face coming to the U.S., notably around visas and travel
  • Other options students are exploring to pursue their studies, aside from entering a traditional, in-person degree program in the U.S.