About the webinar:

Outbound mobility from Sri Lanka is expected to increase in the future, given the country’s robust economic growth, capacity constraints in higher education, and demographic pressures. As a result, U.S. institutions can expect to see more applications from this country in the coming years. Join this webinar to become more familiar with the Sri Lankan education system and how to obtain, verify, and evaluate academic credentials from this emerging market.

Gain insights into:

  • Key features of the secondary and tertiary systems of education
  • An overview of the country's planned education reforms and initiatives
  • Sample academic documents and how to obtain, verify, and evaluate them



Wilson Macha

Knowledge Analyst

Wilson joined WES in 2015 and he is currently holding the position of Knowledge Analyst. He has published research on the South African education system, and specializes in the analysis and evaluation of credentials from Commonwealth countries and Western Europe. Wilson earned a bachelor's degree in international studies from Texas A&M University in 2014.


Paul Schulmann

Research Manager

Paul conducts market research on international higher education trends and student mobility. He earned a master's degree in public and international affairs from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, and a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz.