About the webinar:

French student numbers have been on a consistent growth trajectory since 2005, with a record of 8,814 studying in the United States in the 2016/17 school year. Meanwhile in Canada, France has been one of the top senders for many years. This webinar reviews the structure of French secondary and tertiary education, and French efforts to internationalize their education system. Presenters also examine common academic documents from the country.

Gain insights into:

  • Grading scales, admission reqirements, and types of institutions and degrees
  • Essential academic credentials and how to assess them for U.S. and Canadian admissions
  • Student mobility trends from France to the U.S. and Canada



Jessica Magaziner

Knowledge Analyst, WES

Jessica Magaziner has worked in credential evaluation and international education research at WES since 2012. She earned dual bachelor’s degrees in French and Francophone Studies and International Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She has completed graduate-level study in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania and the European Peace University in Austria. At WES, her primary specialization is French and Francophone systems of education.


Jean Cui

Research Associate, WES

Jean earned a master’s degree in education psychology from the University of Connecticut and a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Capital Normal University, China. She worked as an English teacher in China and education interpreter for Chinese official education delegates coming to the U.S.