About this webinar:

The main challenge in assessing Argentine qualifications is their lack of standardization, especially in light of numerous education reforms over the last three decades. Join us as we review the Argentine education system, the country’s wide variety of vocational programs, essential documents, and accreditation criteria.

Gain insight into:

  • Key academic documents and challenges to credential evaluation
  • Student mobility trends to the U.S. and Canada
  • Reforms to the Argentine education system




Advanced Evaluation Specialist, WES

Carlos has been evaluating international academic credentials at WES since 2006. He specializes in evaluations from Latin America and has presented his research at various conferences including NAFSA, NAGAP, CAIE, EAIE & CONAHEC. Carlos earned his master's degree in international relations from City University of New York.


Deepti Mani

Research Associate, WES

Deepti earned a master’s degree in economics from Bangalore School of Economics, Bangalore University, India and a bachelor’s degree in international economics from Lucknow University, India. She has six years of experience in education research and her focus areas and expertise include education policy and innovation, formal and informal learning environments, the role of technology in development, and indicator monitoring frameworks.