Join the Coalition

The IMPRINT Coalition supports policies and programs that ensure equitable access to opportunity for immigrants and those who have experienced forced migration.

With an IMPRINT membership, your organization will have access to experts in the field, policy updates, advocacy opportunities, and relevant resources to support your work.


  • Amplify your organization’s voice
  • Accelerate impact
  • Build partnerships
  • Engage in advocacy
  • Collaborate with IMPRINT Coalition members
  • Receive technical assistance

Membership Criteria:

IMPRINT membership is free and open to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to IMPRINT’s mission, vision, and values
  • Willingness to engage in advocacy efforts relating to the economic inclusion of immigrants and those who have experienced forced migration
  • Foster an inclusive environment that promotes racial justice, equity, and belonging

Member Commitments:

  • Assign one staff member who can participate in IMPRINT advocacy initiatives and attend monthly virtual meetings
  • Grant permission to include your organization's logo on IMPRINT Coalition communication materials

Apply by October 13 to join the IMPRINT Coalition.

From Our Members


Jina Krause-Vilmar

President & CEO of Upwardly Global

"Immigrants and refugees with credentials from another country often feel invisible and overlooked, and IMPRINT provides a welcoming space where their voices are not only heard but celebrated. Upwardly Global is proud to be a part of a coalition that amplifies our collective voice far louder than any of us could achieve individually. It's a space where we can stand up, speak up, and make a real difference together."


Raymon Burton

Executive Director of One Refugee

"I have really enjoyed the network and the thoughtfulness within the Coalition. I feel a great desire to cheer each other on and to help support each other in the work we are doing to advance legislations to support immigrants and refugees."


Mohamed Khalif

Executive Director of the Washington Academy for International Medical Graduates

"Through IMPRINT, I have gained the opportunity to learn with my peers, engage in intellectual policy discussions, and contribute to positive changes for immigrants and refugees. My favorite aspect is the chance to learn in every meeting. It's great to analyze problems together as a coalition and learn from different angles. I’m very honored to be a member of IMPRINT."