About the event:

Can I work as a nurse in the United States if I was licensed in my home country? Where do I begin? How do I get a job? What programs and services are out there to help me?

Many immigrant nurses come to the United States hoping to use their international training to either advance in the field or pursue a new career that builds on their previous education and experience. Because nursing involves obtaining a license – a process that can be costly and time-consuming – many internationally trained nurses are confused by its complexity and even frustrated that they might not be able to work in healthcare field again. This webinar will address these challenges.

WES Global Talent Bridge and Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium will help you understand the field of nursing in the United States, unpack the licensing process, and discuss strategies to explore career options. A special guest, Andy Ponce, will share his stories and experiences as a registered nurse from Ecuador re-entering the nursing field in the U.S. We will also introduce the free resource Career Pathways in Nursing: Using Your Foreign Education in the United States to help you explore career pathways related to the field of nursing, as well as alternative careers that use your skills but may not require a license.



Paula Schipiour

Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium


Andy Ponce

Registered Nurse


Yu Zhang

Sr. Project Manager, WES Global Talent Bridge

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