World Education Services

To shed light on how institutions can better meet a range of needs among students from different parts of the globe, the research team at WES conducted a study of over 4,600 international students. All were either graduates of or current students at U.S. higher education institutions. The resulting report, Improving the International Student Experience: Implications for Recruitment and Support, includes findings from this study, and offers insights into international student motivations, expectations, experiences, satisfaction levels, and the likelihood of recommending their institutions to others.

Highlights include insights into:

  • The reasons that current and graduated international students study abroad and the reasons they enroll at U.S. institutions
  • International students’ overall satisfaction levels at U.S. institutions and how that affects their likelihood to recommend those institutions
  • Satisfaction levels among international students from different regions of the world across a number of facets of their collegiate experiences, such as:
    • Academic quality
    • Research opportunities
    • Social integration
    • Career and other support services
    • And more
  • Major challenges and issues that affect international students from different regions
  • Research-based recommendations for recruitment and student support