About the webinar:

China is the largest sending country of international students worldwide, with more than 900,000 Chinese students enrolled in degree programs abroad before the pandemic. This massive outflow of international students from the world’s most populous country has had an unparalleled impact on global higher education. At the same time, China’s own education system continues to undergo an unprecedented expansion and modernization. At the secondary level, reforms are replacing streaming with a wider variety of elective subjects. At the post-secondary level, efforts such as the Double First-Class Initiative are funneling tremendous resources into top-tier institutions, which are becoming increasingly prominent in international rankings.

Gain insights into:

  • The structure of China’s education system, transnational education, and current trends
  • China's benchmark credentials and how to evaluate them
  • Key institutions, academic documentation, and grading scales



Mini Gu

Manager, Policy Analysis

Mini specializes in the Chinese education system and credential evaluation. She has written and presented on China's examination system, degree qualifications, liberal arts education, and the academic publishing market. She holds a master’s degree from the Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University, China. Mini is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Katie Kreutz

Credential Evaluator and Knowledge Analyst

Katie is a credential evaluator and knowledge analyst at WES. She specializes in the educational systems of China and Western Europe. Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in German from Montclair State University in 2018.