To assist you in making the most reliable admissions decisions when reviewing Nigerian applications, this webinar offers an introduction to the educational system of Nigeria. Using the WES methodology, you will learn to analyze pertinent information on the necessary documentation, including grades, GPAs, and degree requirements, as well as learn the latest in documentation issues and relevant news.

Gain Insight Into:

  • How to obtain authentic academic documents from Nigeria
  • An overview of the secondary and tertiary systems of education
  • Nigerian student mobility trends



Hanna Park

Senior Manager of Training

Hanna has nearly 10 years of international credential evaluation experience and is fluent in Korean. She specializes in the education systems of East Asian countries and the Commonwealth, and has presenter at various conferences and workshops, including NAFSA conferences. Hanna earned her master's degree in comparative international education from the Teachers College, Columbia University.


Deepti Mani

Research Associate

Deepti earned a master’s degree in economics from Bangalore School of Economics, Bangalore University, India and a bachelor’s degree in international economics from Lucknow University, India. She has six years of experience in education research and her focus areas and expertise include education policy and innovation, formal and informal learning environments, the role of technology in development, and indicator monitoring frameworks. Deepti has also authored and presented several research articles related to international economics with a focus on developing economies in Asia.

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