This introduction to the education system of Nigeria is designed to help you make reliable admissions decisions. You’ll learn how to use WES methodologies to analyze Nigerian documents and pertinent information such as grades, GPAs, and degree requirements. WES presenters will also discuss the latest in documentation issues.

Gain Insight Into:

  • Authentic documents from Nigeria—and how to obtain, verify, and authenticate them
  • Nigeria’s secondary and tertiary education systems
  • Nigerian student mobility trends to the U.S. and Canada




Knowledge Analyst, WES

At WES, Sidiqa specializes in the education systems of Central and Eastern Europe, and is also well versed in the educational systems of the Commonwealth and East Asia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the City University of New York. Sidiqa is fluent in Russian, Farsi and Turkmen.



Data Analytics Associate, WES

Ning earned a master’s degree in social and comparative analysis in education from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education, and a bachelor’s degree in education from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. Ning conducts and presents research on international higher education trends and student mobility.