With a population of over 1.2 billion people and a growing higher education sector, Africa is a continent brimming with potential. Despite this, it’s often overlooked in discussions of international higher education as intercontinental student mobility is limited compared to other world regions. The webinar focuses on international higher education development in Africa and best practices for recruitment.

Gain Insight Into:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa as an emerging market for students
  • Developments in international higher education in Africa
  • Student mobility within Africa and the economic, political and social factors that lead to outbound student mobility


World Education Services

Paul Schulmann

Senior Research Associate

Paul conducts market research on international higher education trends and student mobility. He earned a master's degree in public and international affairs from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, and a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

World Education Services

Nancy Keteku

EducationUSA Regional Director

Nancy Keteku serves as the REAC, or EducationUSA Regional Director for 26 countries in Africa West and Central, a position she has held since 1996. She is originally from the United States and has made her home in Ghana for forty years, working to internationalize the African higher education sphere by helping thousands of African students to study in the United States and generating over $100 million in scholarships. Her areas of focus include funding for U.S. education, mobility trends, accreditation and quality control, and credential evaluation. Her portfolio includes travel throughout Africa, where she has visited 46 out of 49 Sub-Saharan countries.

World Education Services

Jon Burdick

University of Rochester, Vice Provost for Enrollment Initiatives & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Mr. Burdick (Jon) is the Vice Provost for Enrollment Initiatives and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Rochester where he is the primary enrollment adviser to the University of Rochester’s President, Board, Provost and Deans on matters related to campus internationalization, inclusion, diversity and equity. Jon was awarded the 2016 NACAC Inclusion, Access and Success Award for outstanding support of college access and success for underserved students. He has visited more than 60 countries, with a particularly successful focus on creating opportunities for undergraduate students coming to North America from Africa.

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