We advance the following

Immigrants and refugees should have the opportunity to contribute their skills in professional roles that draw on their talents, education, qualifications and experience.

Immigrants and refugees should have access to the professional workforce and the resources and information that can help them prepare for and become better integrated into the U.S. labor market, higher education, and American society.

Please endorse
IMPRINT's Statement of Principles for immigrant professional integration in the U.S. workforce
Please note that at this time, we are requesting only organizational endorsements.

Foreign-trained candidates for professional
licensure and certification should be held to the
same standards as U.S.-trained candidates. These requirements should be transparent, objective, impartial and be reflective of local community needs.

Communities, public officials, and employers should actively work to draw on the full range of talents and abilities of immigrants. Bilingual and bicultural skills should be recognized, valued and utilized.

Communities should work to engage skilled immigrants not only as workers but also as neighbors, parents, business owners, volunteers, stakeholders, leaders, and community members.

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